Centre Park Info & Procedures

Condominium Procedures:


Per the condominium association’s Rules and Regulations, “Owners of pets walked upon the common elements must promptly clean up their pet’s droppings in all areas outside any authorized pet exercise areas.” For your convenience, there are pet waste stations located throughout the common areas should you choose to use them. Additionally, the Stone Ridge master association added a dog station across Stone Carver. Pets must always be leashed upon the common areas.

Pest Control

The Association is responsible for pest control upon the common areas of the buildings to include the trash rooms, garage corridors, and hallways. Unit owners are responsible for treating their units to include their garage for pests. Please contact management if you or your pest control contractor identify invasive pests in your unit.

Elevator Reservations- Move In/ Move Out

The association will be coordinating elevator reservations at Centre Park through management. Please contact management to reserve the elevator in the building for a move in/ move out with at least seven (7) days’ notice. The elevator is available for reservation on Mondays through Fridays and Saturdays. The elevators are not available for reservation on Sundays or holidays. Movers should enter and exit the building by the service doors or through the unit’s garage. Moving in through the lobby doors is not permitted. Damages to the common areas including the hallways or elevator caused by contracted movers will be held to the unit owner’s responsibility for repairs. There is a move in and move out fee for any change in occupancy which must be received prior to your reservation. Please review Policy Resolution #6 for complete details.


As stated in the Centre Park at Stone Ridge public offering statement, each unit will be assigned two reserved spaces, which may or may not be garage spaces. The unit owners within the project will be served by garage parking within each building, either an adjoining driveway space and/or a limited amount of uncovered surface parking within parking lots.  There are 9 visitor spaces onsite available at a first come, first served basis. Should a vehicle park in a unit owner’s reserved space, please contact the towing company who’s contact information is posted at each community entrance and visitor parking area.

Garage Door Info

It is recommended that unit owner’s regularly maintenance the motor and opener device in the garage. The tracks should be lubricated regularly to reduce noise transmissions. Please keep your unit’s garage doors closed when you are not in your garage. Maintaining a warm temperature in the building can be achieved by ensuring unit garage doors are always kept closed to keep water lines insulated and building access restricted.

Winter Tips

In the winter, it is imperative for unit owners to always maintain heat in the unit. If you plan on traveling for an extended period, do not turn the heat off. The unit should be maintained at a normal temperature to prevent any pipes from freezing. There are several systems of pipes behinds the unit walls including plumbing and sprinkler line systems. Also, during travel you may opt to use the shutoff valve to the water in the utility closet to prevent leaks from occurring in the unit owner’s absence.

Snow Management- Driveways

In the winter, the Association has contracted with HLS to perform snow management upon the common areas of the condominium. In the event of precipitation, the contractor will treat or manage the private streets, walkways, and parking areas as conditions dictate. Driveways will only be cleared or treated if they are open. Due to liability, the contractor will service the common areas within several feet of parked vehicles to avoid damage. The Association has provided buckets of ice and snow treatment product that unit owners are welcome to use and disperse in the vicinity immediately around their vehicles at their discretion. The buckets are refilled regularly by the contractor and are kept in the lobbies for the entirety of the winter season. Please use extreme caution and care when walking or driving upon the driveways during or after a snow event. The area around your vehicle or walkway may be slippery despite treatment depending on melting conditions and temperatures causing refreeze.

Unit Owner Insurance Requirements:

Article 6, Section 6.5(b) of the Bylaws requires Unit Owners to acquire and maintain insurance insuring their own Unit, improvements or additional made therein, as well as their personal property. Please consult with your insurance professional with the Association’s governing documents for their recommendation on policy details specific to their unit, personal belongings, and improvements to the interior of the condominium. Please contact management or see the Documents tab for additional information.